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Freedom of Flight Documentary (DVD)


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Dave and Jamieleigh Womach


Um documentário ORIGINAL sobre a liberdade de voo, infundido com a incrível beleza dos Papagaios de estimação que voam livremente em direção os céus, com as Super Estrelas de penas de Dave & Jamieleigh Womach! Após assistir o este DVD, certamente vai ficar ansioso para avançar com o treino dos seus papagaios!




Descrição Original:


This documentary is a celebration of nature’s most beautiful miracle – flight.

The Freedom of Flight documentary film follows Dave and Jamieleigh to some of the most majestic places imaginable! Watch as they free-fly not only their own flock of parrots, but also train two new birds, accompanied by their human companions, how to fly safely outside.

The first trainee is Pooh Bear
, a 10+ year old adopted Moluccan cockatoo. He has the bad habit of landing anywhere but on his human. With nothing but miles of blue sky above, will Pooh Bear learn to return to his person?The second trainee is a baby green wing macaw named Midnight. She learns to fly at the ideal developmental stage for most parrots – a fledgling. However, with very little experience, how will she do?

The two journeys are so different, yet together show how the miracle of flight is meant for every bird.

Their experiences are something beautiful to behold. You will surely be inspired as you witness the glory, the magic and the freedom of flight for which all birds were created!

Note: This is a digital product. This video is not intended to teach outdoor freeflight and is for entertainment purposes only. We NEVER recommend free-flying your bird outside without the instruction of a trained professional.

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